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While Luxembourg is my adopted country, I've spent most of my life in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Bordered by the Mediterranean sea, it has been a land of sun, wind and vineyards since the Roman antiquity.

The region includes a large number of appellations. Mainly dedicated to the production of table wine since the late 19th century, the provinces of Languedoc and Roussillon began their conversion to the production of quality wines in the early 1990’s through the selection of quality grape varieties and the arrival of a generation of young winegrowers.

Languedoc-Roussillon's very dry and sunny climate makes the production of organic wine easier than in other regions. Indeed, less diseases develop than in vineyards where the sun is scarcer and which are subject to higher humidity levels. The organic winegrowers you will find in my selection are all women and men of heart – vines are their life and there is a love story between them, their land and their wine. Such passions are often shared as a couple. Most of them do not wish to expand their estate because they are attached to their independence. They do everything themselves – from harvesting the grapes to the winemaking process, through vine pruning and ploughing (which some carry out with a draught horse). We are far from large mechanized estates! These winegrowers believe very strongly in the protection of nature, fauna and flora. They completely reject the use of fertilizers, herbicides or synthetic pesticides.

Since 2012, an EU regulation provides a definition of organic wine: not only must it be produced with grapes from organic agriculture, but the winemaking process must also be organic, which entails prohibiting the use of certain winemaking products (e.g. sorbic acid) which are generally used otherwise.

I've selected these wines for you primarily on the basis of their intrinsic qualities which are representative of the qualities of their respective soil – some even deserve to be referred to as "fine wines". In addition they have the characteristic of being organic, that is to say that they meet high standards in terms of growing and winemaking processes while respecting the environment and consumer health. For some, organic is a way of life; for me, when it comes to wine, it is above all a symbol of pleasure and conviviality.

Among the selection of Sophie's wines, you will find both easy-drinking wines for pleasure which can be enjoyed right away with friends, and wines with ageing potential which you can treat yourself to within a year or keep longer in a cellar.


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